How to Prepare For an In Home Meeting with a Life Insurance Prospect

Life Insurance Sales

Unlike many types of insurance, such as home and auto, when selling life policies you will likely be required to meet with prospects in person. Even if this doesn’t happen, the person will typically take part in an in home medical exam. If you are going to meet with a […] Read more »

Are You Spending Your Life Insurance Marketing Budget Wisely?

As a new life insurance agent, keeping a close watch on your budget is of utmost importance. While there is nothing wrong with spending money month over month, you have to know where your funds are going and whether or not you are getting a good return on your investment. […] Read more »

The Importance of Life Insurance Lead Follow Up

Is there anything better than making first contact with a life insurance prospect and subsequently selling a policy on the spot? While this is sure to happen from time to time, you should not expect it to be the norm. Typically, you will be faced with a long sales process […] Read more »

Life Insurance Sales Tips for Beginners – Which Approach are You Using?

As you begin your career as a life insurance agent, the ability to rely on a few basic sales tips can be the difference between success and failure. Over the years, agents and brokers before you have had great success. By familiarizing yourself with the strategies others have used, you […] Read more »