Insurance Leads Reviews

Insurance Lead Company Reviews

The process of buying life insurance leads is always going to involve some level of testing.  Lead quality can vary by product and location from company to company.  Because of this agents and financial professionals have regularly asked us for lead company reviews.

As we continue to add more lead vendors we do plan to add our own company review section that will have our input as well as feedback from those who have purchased leads.  This will scale to include shared, exclusive and one to one lead transactions with ebay style feedback.

In the meantime we have listed a few of the leading sources for insurance lead company industry reviews.

  • Insurance Leads Guide
    Mike Izni and his staff at ILG have been writing lead generation and marketing content for over 5 years now and go a great job at it.  Here is a page with their current insurance leads reviews.

    Kevin Howard has been around the industry for years and recently published a website with an aggregated account of his experiences as well as others he has worked with.  He has a large list of online insurance lead vendors and uses a nice comparison table style.  This page has all of his lead company reviews.

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