How to Prepare For an In Home Meeting with a Life Insurance Prospect

Life Insurance SalesUnlike many types of insurance, such as home and auto, when selling life policies you will likely be required to meet with prospects in person. Even if this doesn’t happen, the person will typically take part in an in home medical exam.

If you are going to meet with a life insurance lead at his or her home, there are several things you can do to improve your chance to of success. The first time you do this you may be intimidated by the entire process. However, things will get easier over time. Soon enough, you may realize that you actually enjoy these types of meetings.

Preparing For An At Home Life Sales Appointment

1. Be on time. There is nothing worse than telling a consumer you will be at their house at a particular time, just to show up late. This is a mistake that you don’t want to make. If anything, arrive a few minutes early.

2. Everything you need should be organized and ready to go. Maybe you have a sales packet full of information. In this case, you should have it printed and ready to be reviewed as soon as you get started. Any disorganization will throw you off your game. Not to mention the fact that it can waste time.

3. Don’t be boring. Although most people don’t think of life insurance as an exciting purchase, you don’t want to make it even more boring as you move through your presentation. Try to bring some life to the sales process to ensure that the prospect is excited about what you bring to the table.

4. Don’t do all the talking. No matter if you are meeting a prospect at his or her home or your office, you may be tempted to dominate the conversation. While there is nothing wrong with this if the consumer has nothing to say, you have to back off at some point and offer a window for questions and an open discussion. Remember, most buyers will have at least a couple of questions. You want to give them plenty of time to ask.

5. Don’t overstay your welcome. As difficult as it may be to walk out of the home without a sale, this is going to happen more times than not. There is no reason to overstay your welcome, touching on the same points in hopes of closing a deal on the spot. If the consumer is not ready to make a purchase, give them a little bit of space and check back in at a later date.

When you follow the five tips above, you will find yourself in position to achieve greater success when meeting in home with a prospect. This may be a big change in terms of how you have conducted business in the past, but once you become familiar with what you are doing everything will come together.

Below is a previously recorded webinar that has some excellent advice.

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