5 Things Matter Most When Buying Life Insurance Leads

Why is it that so many agents run into difficulties when attempting to purchase life insurance leads for the first time? Although this marketing strategy may be new to you, it is no reason to be confused. Like most, your goal when buying life insurance leads is simple: purchase high […] Read more »

Common Concerns Prior to Buying Insurance Leads

Calling Insurance Leads

Most insurance agents are aware of the benefits of buying leads online. Despite the fact that this is a growing trend, there are some potential problems to be aware of. Knowing both the good and bad of buying insurance leads can help you achieve more success in the future. Overspending […] Read more »

The Importance of Life Insurance Lead Follow Up

Is there anything better than making first contact with a life insurance prospect and subsequently selling a policy on the spot? While this is sure to happen from time to time, you should not expect it to be the norm. Typically, you will be faced with a long sales process […] Read more »

Life Insurance Sales Tips for Beginners – Which Approach are You Using?

As you begin your career as a life insurance agent, the ability to rely on a few basic sales tips can be the difference between success and failure. Over the years, agents and brokers before you have had great success. By familiarizing yourself with the strategies others have used, you […] Read more »