5 Things Matter Most When Buying Life Insurance Leads

Why is it that so many agents run into difficulties when attempting to purchase life insurance leads for the first time? Although this marketing strategy may be new to you, it is no reason to be confused.

Like most, your goal when buying life insurance leads is simple: purchase high quality leads, at an affordable price, that have an excellent chance of turning into a customer.

Easy enough, right?

Life Insurance Lead Factors that MatterTo improve your chance of success, search for a life insurance lead company that offers the following:

1. High quality. There may be other details to consider, but none are as important as this one. If quality is not on your mind, you may end up choosing the wrong provider.

Note: even if you have to pay more for a quality lead, it is well worth it in the end.

2. Value. When everything is said and done, the only thing that truly matters is that you see a positive return on your investment. You need to spend less on life insurance leads than you earn as a direct result.

Compare the pricing structure of multiple lead companies, including a variety of lead types, for a better idea of the average cost. Once you have a price comparison put it aside and begin testing.  Once you get a good idea of what kind of close rate you can expect from a lead source you can then make an accurate judgment of value per lead.

3. Customer service. Can you think of anything worse than purchasing life insurance leads from a company that doesn’t care about you or your agency?

The best providers are the ones that will do whatever it takes to make you happy. When you are satisfied, they are satisfied.  Bottom line is that is you do not get great customer service from the onset there is no reason to expect anything to improve moving forward.

4. Return policy. In today’s day and age, most people shop for insurance via the internet. This is a big benefit to the consumer, thanks to the speed and efficiency at which they can search.

On the other side of things, it also means that bogus leads are more common than ever before. If you are going to regularly purchase life insurance leads, you should expect a few of these to make it through to you.

This is no big deal, as long as the company offers a fair return/exchange policy.

5. Quantity. If you find success by purchasing life insurance leads, it is safe to say you will want to continue down the same path in the future.

But what if the company you are working with is not able to handle your quantity requests? This is something to check on before you sign up with a provider.

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Start Slow, Go From There

It sounds simple to purchase life insurance leads online, contact consumers, and make sales. Unfortunately, the process does not always unwind in such a smooth manner.

Get your feet wet by purchasing a small quantity of leads from several companies. This will help you better understand which ones offer the best quality, at the lowest price, without sacrificing on service.

Over time, if things work out in your favor, you can begin to purchase a larger quantity of leads with the hopes of increasing your profit.

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